Magnetic bases October 03 2012

EEZY-FITMagnetic Flag Base

If you’re restricted in where you can go because your vehicles aren’t set up to carry a safety flag, we can help.

Before you trade in your vehicle or fit costly damaging flag holders, consider our EEZY-FIT Magnetic Flag Base:

The new design has an even stronger base which can be supplied with either 4 or 6 magnets, depending upon your application requirements. Our magnetic flag bases use very strong magnets, rubber coated for vehicle protection. The magnetic base bonds easily, conveniently and quickly to any panel on your car, securely fixing a safety flag without risking damage to your paintwork. The magnetic base is easily removed by lifting up from the back of the base.

Quick facts:

  • Easy to use
  • Attaches to any vehicle
  • On and off in seconds
  • Won’t damage your vehicle
  • Won’t fall off
  • Go anywhere onsite (where permitted)
  • No lost time or productivity because the vehicle is offsite getting a flag base fitted
  • Keep one onsite for your special visitors
  • Take it with you when you have to visit other sites.

Magnetic flag bases allow you to be safe and have the freedom to move about onsite.

EEZY-FITMagnetic Safety Flags for use on site vehicles

Wherever OH&S legislation demands that vehicles are fitted with safety flags, this simple, quick and secure system of magnetic bases, flags and flagpoles is the solution.