Tired of losing your Oversize Safety Flags? October 09 2012


 'Same old story you have just paid $ 100 dollars for your oversize truck safety flags to lose them and receive a fine'.....

Safety Flags has the solution to your problem; the Ultra Heavy Duty Carabiner flag.  

See it here: http://safetyflags.com.au/products/ultra-heavy-duty-flag-with-caribiner-bungee

The Safety Flags Carabiner Bungee is an easy to use product with a simple clip to your trailer. Alternatively, wrap the strap around an object and back on to the eyelet on the flag. The bungee is elasticated and can stretch to reach those hard to get areas that are all to common on your oversize load.

Now for some simple maths: $100 for a set of flags that you change every two months costs $300 over a six month period


One set of Safety flags UHD Carabiner at $131.80 that is a saving of $168.20

Now you can change your flags once every 6 months by flying Safety Flags.

Have a good trip.

Safety Flags