Oversize Flag requirements when moving your boat! October 09 2012

When moving your boat the last thing you want is a fine from the local authorities! 

To avoid receiving any trouble from the authorities Safety Flags recommends two Oversize Vinly Banners  and two of our Heavy Duty Oversize Flags.

Placement of your safety products is vital. Our recommendation is to attach one of the vinyl signs to the front of your truck and the other sign needs to be attached to the rear of your boat. If you could attach the vinyl sign across the rear of the boat so the sign covers the propeller this is the safest way to set your signs up. 

Attaching your Oversize Safety Flags is simple just use the rope provided and attached via the eyelets to a secure spot. A word of warning our flags are extremely heavy duty and will chaff the paint of your boat so please have them placed in a safe location where your oversize flags are free to flap. 

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