Mounting Safety Flags April 17 2013

Safety Flags has two standards of oversize flags: the Heavy Duty and Ultra Heavy Duty.  

The Heavy Duty (HD) flag is designed for shorter trips and a more part time design whereas the Ultra Heavy duty (UHD) flag is designed for commercial use. The difference between the design of the flags is that the UHD has a small piece of rope inserted into the outer rim of the flag which slows the whip effect of the wind, thereby reducing fraying.  
The UHD flag also has rounded edges which allows us to use a single piece of material to bind the edges; again, this feature decreases weak spots on the perimeter of the flags.
Aside from the previously mentioned design differences, the major difference between the HD and UHD is the mounting option. We provide a fitted carrabiner with UHD and the HD flags come with rope.

What follows are a couple of pointers to keep your HD flags safely attached to your oversized vehicles. 

A couple of useful knots to use for mounting your Heavy Duty flags:

There are a few that can be recommended; one would be the round turn and two half hitches. This knot would be used to tie the twine to a pole or railing of a boat.  Below is an animation to explain this:

If you are a fan of the bowline beware the tugging motion of driving alows the hitch of a bowline to slip and loosen off. The only way to guarantee the bowline is to put a half hitch round the tail. This secures the end of the rope. Also in this category would be the cow hitch. 

However for the bowline fans here is an explanation of how to tie a slight variation that will guarantee a good secure knot.