About Us

  • Safety Flags prides itself on the ability of our product to last in the toughest conditions. 
  • The product used to generate this strength is a heavy duty PVC mesh.

Safety Flags Protection: The PVC mesh is UV resistant, mildew resistant and fire retardant! All leading to a long lasting, superior quality flag 

  • Our design features include rounded corners which increase longevity. The edges of our flags are reinforced with PVC mesh binding that also has a rope insert to minimize fraying and maximize the number of loads our flags can take.
  • Safety Flags edges are folded and double stitched to make it one tough flag! 
  • All of our flags are made with waterproof thread for ease of cleaning and reusability. 

Benefits to you:

  • Fray resistant: Meaning you no longer have to fly tatty flags, so your outfit looks more professional
  • Safety Flags meet Australia's nation wide regulations , so no more fines as long as you fly Safety Flags!
  • Reduce your outgoing expenses by reducing your order frequency. Your quantities of flags will also drop as you will no longer have to have hundreds of flags in stock, just the required quantity. If you have a problem contact us and we will get your problem solved.
  • Safety Flags has a variety of attachment solutions so we can cater for all of your needs. Call us today and we can have your problem solved efficiently! 
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