• To ensure fast and efficient delivery, some of our products are shipped from seperate warehouses. This means that on some orders you might receive a part of your order before the other part. But do not fear the rest is on its way. If you are unsure please email orders@safetyflags.com.au with your reference number and we will follow it up for you. 
  • International: Shipping internationally is not a problem, however, your order will not be processed correctly by the website. Our shipping calculator is for Australia only. Please send your order to orders@safetyflags.com.au and we will process your order as efficiently as possible
  • Australia wide: All shipments are processed by the website. If you are not comfortable ordering online feel free to email info@safetyflags.com.au and we will accommodate your order method.
  • Costs: Vary greatly depending on what orders you have placed. Please email info@safetyflags.com.au with your address and what you wish to order and we will respond promptly with a quote.  


  • Website: Safety Flags website is fully integrated with PayPal which ensures 100% security & fraud protection. PayPal also allows the majority of credit cards to be processed.
  • EFT: We will happily provide you with details for an EFT transfer. Please email: info@safetyflags.com.au
  • Phone: Orders can be taken over the phone once a quote has been generated.

Stock levels

  • Stock levels are well maintained. If you are interested in ordering larger quantities, please send an email to info@safetyflags.com.au and we will be happy to assist you.
  • If you are interested in becoming a stockist of Safety Flags products please feel free to contact us 
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