Unparalleled toughness is the term associated with our products. Consistent devotion towards quality and endurance, is our guiding principle. Our safety flags are products which are designed, keeping in mind all conditions and environments that they are going to be used. The extremely resilient PVC mesh material is used in the making of our flags. Even against the perils of fire, ultraviolet rays and mild dew, our safety flags do their job with ease. A lot of thought and experience goes into the final products you use. The edges of the flags, which bear the brunt of the rough, on-field conditions, come with an extra reinforced coating of the very tough PVC mesh. We provide the same thought and dedication in preparing the base for our safety flags. Our Safety Flag Base is rubber coated with earth magnetic base for that added strength of purpose. Be it our Safety Flags or our Safety Flag Bases, quality and durability of performance is always the cardinal quality.


We take all care to ensure your satisfaction while you use our products. You don't have to keep buying new safety flags to replace the old ones. The durability of our flags will significantly bring down your need for new flags. Our adherence to Australia's nation wide regulations ensures relief from fines and the variety of our products fit your demands for safety flags. For your convenience you can order through our shopping cart, find weekly specials on Ebay, or make your payment through PayPal, Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Our products will be there to protect in the most efficient and durable manner. When safety is a concern, we are the most concerned.

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