Mounting Safety Flags April 17 2013

Safety Flags has two standards of oversize flags: the Heavy Duty and Ultra Heavy Duty.   The Heavy Duty (HD) flag is designed for shorter trips and a more part time design whereas the Ultra Heavy duty (UHD) flag is designed for commercial use. The difference between the design of the flags is that the UHD has a small piece of rope inserted into the outer rim of the flag...

Tired of losing your Oversize Safety Flags? October 09 2012

   'Same old story you have just paid $ 100 dollars for your oversize truck safety flags to lose them and receive a fine'..... Safety Flags has the solution to your problem; the Ultra Heavy Duty Carabiner flag.   See it here: The Safety Flags Carabiner Bungee is an easy to use product with a simple clip to your trailer. Alternatively, wrap the strap around an object and back on...
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