Ultra Heavy Duty Flag with Pole


Fast Facts: 

Weighted rope rounded corners to remove the 'whip' effect. 
Reinforced webbed edges - prevents tearing from abrasion. 
Triple stitched blind centre fold - age old technique from the seamstress industry resists centre join separation. Industrial strength with a delicate finish ensures a neat and tidy seam. 
U.V resistant
Size: 500mm x 450mm
25mm Diameter x 1.2m Length wooden pole 

Ever noticed that the first place your flag deteriorates is the corners? 

After years of testing, Safety Flags design has solved this problem by rounding the corners and adding a rope insert to increase the weight of the edges, thus removing the 'whip' effect. By removing the 'whip' effect, Safety Flags are free to swing at speeds of up to 140Km/H without tearing themselves to shreds. Add to this, reinforced webbing eliminates tearing from abrasion on steel trailers, boats, mining equipment, portable offices and all transportable loads attached to your trailer. 
Another feature of Safety Flags, is the triple stitched 'blind centre fold'. This age old technique from the seamstress industry has proven to outlast modern day techniques. With it's Industrial strength and neatly tucked seam, the blind fold is a proven feature.
Still skeptical? I would be, these are some bold claims! If you are not satisfied with your flags, we will refund you 110% of the value within 30 x Days of your purchase, no questions asked!
Buy right the first time, buy Safety Flags!
We pride ourselves on quality products ensuring happy customers! 


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